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POSTED BY PnKllr February 3, 2018 in Tips
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I’m sure many of you out there have seen one or two streams and thought to yourself “how does one become a streamer” or “how can i do it successfully?”

Well I can tell you now, anyone can become a streamer, doesn’t take much apart from having the right equipment including a camera and/or microphone for the very basic of setups.

Trying to be successful however is another story, but it can be done. All it takes is some know how and most importantly, patience.

So, got the know how and the patience? Well buckle up, because here comes the tips on how to turn all of that into something successful!

Be Yourself
Sounds like a no-brainier right? However, when there’s a camera and an audience people tend to put on more of an act. It’s OK to be a little more animated and talkative than usual but you have to remember that people generally come to your stream to see you, so just be yourself.

Have a Comfy Setup
It’s important to have the right level of comfort when it comes to streamer. As most streamers send on average up to 8 hours streaming a day it helps to not only have something comfy to sit on but also the temperature in the room is at the right level. This will help reduce stress and make you more relaxed.

Test Everything Beforehand
There’s nothing worse than have something not work just as you start the stream. Having to stop what you’re doing to fix the issue or worse, having to turn off the stream to fix it, this can disappoint many viewers and force them to go and watch someone else. I for one have a test account setup to stream to after I’ve made huge changes to my setup to see how it will look to the viewer.

Get Ready to Talk to an Empty Room
Unless you have a huge following already I would suggest getting into the habit of talking to an empty room. As you start out, you chat will be quiet and that’s OK! A lot of streamers enable VODs on their channels, this helps to draw in new viewers if they are browsing the site and happen upon your VOD! If you think about it, if you can talk to an empty room, just imagine how you well you will do talking to a chat full of people?

Chat Interaction!
This is one of the most important things you can do as a streamer. Having that Viewer/Streamer interaction is one of the reasons that viewer is in your channel. To some, this is their way of having that interaction with someone who they may not get in the real world so take the time to not only tell them a little about yourself, but find out stuff about them. Ask them how their day is going, what they did or even what they plan to do. You could be doing them a huge favor just b talking to them and in return, they are doing you a huge favor by helping your channel grow.

There’s no Wrong Time to Stream
So you might work a 9-5 job and think “Crap, I have to get home and stream as now is the time everyone is home and relaxing in front of the computer or TV” but that’s not the case, being able to stream to an online platform opens up the whole world to your stream! Pick a time that works for you a time when you’re not running around rushing to meet it. I personally like to stream at night as that’s when the kids are in bed, sure I miss out on chatting to my fellow Aussies, but I get to chat with countries I wouldn’t normally chat to!

Start Small
When you first start streaming, don’t just jump into streaming countless number of hours at a time take some time to enjoy someone elses stream, learn from them but most importantly, network with other streamers. The best way you can hep yourself, is to help others. Be known as a streamer who takes the time to support other streamers, don’t just try to do it all yourself.

Play Some not so Popular Games
Take the time to search around for different games you might enjoy playing for your viewers. It’s hard to compete against the other bigger streamers when playing a popular game so branch out and find something different. Once you have your own viewership you can head back and play the popular games if you wish.

Hire a Chat Bot and/or moderator
Bots and Moderators are good to keep the chat going. Bots provide games, quizzes and can even help hold competitions for our viewers to keep them coming back and supporting your channel. Chat Moderators can help by not only providing that extra person in the chat for the viewer to chat with but also help with keeping your moral up knowing you have that one person to help you through a game can make all the difference.

I hope that these tips help if only a little! I’ll keep this updated as I think of more but if you have any questions in regards to streaming be sure to hit up the Discord to have a chat.

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