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POSTED BY PnKllr November 24, 2017 in News
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I felt that it was important to make this post and explain why we are changing the site.

To put it simply, Forums are dead. I can understand that forums have a place on the internet but with the current means of communication already available its hard to get them off the ground. Hence the change of site format.

As the team grows I thought it would be easier to just have a website that people could use to get updates on what the team is currently doing while also providing a space for fans to buy their favorite streamers merch.

This new site will provide the following:

  • Store to purchase team member merch
  • Team member fact sheets (interviews)
  • Stream online status
  • Gallery
  • New and Updates

And more coming soon.

Please bare with us while we fix up our site, in the mean time head on over to htts://killersquad.net/about to check out our members or https://killersquad.net/store to buy their merch

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