Keep Mixer FTL while streaming to Twitch

POSTED BY PnKllr November 29, 2017 in Tips
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If you’re one of the many streamers who like to stream to more than one platform then you may be interested in knowing about a website that allows you to stream to to both Twitch and Youtube at the same time while keeping your Mixer FTL intact.

Streamex allows your to rebroadcast your Mixer stream to both Twitch and Youtube without loosing the ability to stream with FTL on Mixer, this is a huge advantage over when it comes to Mixer.

To start, all you need to do is head to and login with your Mixer account and go live. Once your stream is live, enter in your Twitch and Youtube (you don’t have to do both) stream keys and click start.

Within a few seconds, your streams on the other platforms will be live!

Just be mindful that if you are partnered or an affiliate on Twitch, you will be unable to use this feature as you run the risk of loosing your partnership due to their rules about re-streaming the same content to other platforms.

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